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Pet Lover Geek: What Is Really In My Dog's Food?

Lorien sits down with Dustin McAdams, founder and CEO of PupJoy, to talk about what sustainability means in the pet industry and how it translates to the food we feed our dogs.

Pet Lover Geek: Pet Tech - Top 4 Gifts This Holiday Season

The biggest gift-giving holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah are just right around the corner, and it only makes sense that as our lives become more connected with technology, so do the lives of our pets. Today, we're going to explore four products that are at the top of our wish list this holiday season with Amy Tokic, Editor at

Pet Lover Geek: What Exactly Is CBD, And Should I Give It To My Pet?

Pet Lover Geek explores one of the latest trends in managing your pet’s health: CBD. We asked Dr. Judy Morgan - a leader in combining holistic veterinary care with traditional Western techniques - to walk us through what CBD is, how it might be able to benefit our pets, and what pet parents need to know when choosing CBD products for their pets.

Pet Lover Geek: Solving The Mysteries of Cats, One DNA Sample at a Time

Did you know that 80% of cat breeds have only been around for 80 years; and there are only 40-70 recognized cat breeds (compared to the 195 dog breeds)? We're diving into the world of our feline friends with the experts at Basepaws, a pioneer in feline genetics -- a field that has been understudied and underfunded for years.

Pet Lover Geek: The Expanded Universe of Veterinary Medicine

Lorien sits down with veterinarian, acclaimed speaker, and best selling author Dr. Jessica Vogelsang to learn about the innovations taking place in vet clinics across the country, from teletriage to curbside service. Dr. V shares her view on the “Expanded Universe on Vet Med” and what that means for pet parents today.

Pet Lover Geek: Don't Forget Fido - Planning for Disasters & Emergencies

On this episode of Pet Lover Geek, powered by PetHub, Lorien talks with John Peaveler, Lieutenant of Emergency Services at San Diego Humane Society, about how pet parents can include their pets in their disaster preparedness planning.

Pet Lover Geek: Fight Stinky Dog Breath & Prevent Gum Disease

Did you know that 80% of dogs show signs of gum disease by the age of 3? Lorien gets geeky with Dr. Emily Stein, the CEO and inventor of TEEF! by Primal Health. Learn about what really effects your dog's dental hygiene and how you can prevent gum disease.

Pet Lover Geek: Modern Pet Identification and Licensing

On today's episode of Pet Lover Geek, powered by PetHub, Lorien talks with Jerrica Owen from the San Diego Humane Society in California. The two discuss what modern pet licensing looks like and the importance of a multi-level pet identification strategy.

Pet Lover Geek: Hottest Lost Pet Prevention & Recovery Products

On today's episode of Pet Lover Geek, powered by PetHub, Lorien talks with Kristen Levine, from Pet Living with Kristen Levine, who shares some of the hottest products on the market to help pet parents keep their pets safe.

Pet Lover Geek: Safety First - Traveling With Your Pup This Summer

On this episode of Pet Lover Geek Lorien talks with Amy Burkert, founder of, about some of the essential tips for traveling with your dogs this summer.