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Digging into PetHub Tech - How to Set-Up Privacy Controls and Access Information

The name "PetHub" isn't just something that is catchy (although, we're pretty proud of how catchy it is). When we created the company, our mission was to establish a "hub" where all your pet's essential information can live for easy access. Having the ability to include medical information, vaccination records, behavioral traits, and the contact information for multiple safety circle pet caretakers is one of the reasons PetHub is such a valuable tool for pet parents.

PetHub Gives Back: What Is Shelter Share?

At PetHub, we are all about helping as many pets as possible. Not only do we help pets directly by helping get them home quickly with PetHub tags, we also help the shelters and organizations that find homes for pets through our Shelter Share program.

5 Unique Ways to Help Your Pet Go Green on Earth Day

Pets bring a lot of positive benefits into our lives. Studies show that they help keep us happy, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and they can help us stay fit. However, pets have a surprisingly negative impact on the earth.

Making Posters & Flyers To Find Your Lost Pet

At PetHub we are committed to keeping every families pets, safe, happy and HOME for the rest of their lives. Making sure your lost pet posters and flyers are so eye-catching that everyone notices them is a great place to start.