Creating an Intersection Alert To Find Your Pet

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What Is An Intersection Alert?
An intersection alert is precisely what it sounds like. It’s the same kind of campaign a new store might use to get attention, a charity might use for a fundraiser, or a school might use to bring awareness to a project. All you’ll need is a group of friends who will volunteer a few hours of time, a large stack of flyers, and a little willingness to be a very friendly and extroverted person for a while.
So You Do What?
Get a few friends to gather at a  busy intersections holding large signs promoting the need for help in locating your pet, while others are able to hand out flyers to cars stopped in traffic and people walking by on the street. If you can muster up enough people, it’s a good idea to stage these at various large intersections around your area.
Remember Safety First!
It’s important to make sure you put safety first when staging an intersection alert. Obviously, you shouldn’t be blocking traffic or standing in the middle of a large road or highway. It’s also best if you only use adults to help out with your campaign. While children want to be of use, placing them in a situation where they are approaching strangers isn’t the best of ideas. Make sure all your volunteers have plenty of water, are dressed appropriately for the weather, and take frequent breaks—holding up a large sign for hours on end can be fatiguing.