Meet Our Newest Pack Member, Xena!

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  Meet Xena! She’s a 7-year-old Arabian horse, who proves that Pet IDs aren’t just for cats and dogs! Xena is recently adopted rescued and she is currently in training to be a leisure/trail horse. She now lives a happy life with the Turnor Family and their 3 dogs. Her hooman Mom, Maya, describes Xena as a “Prissy Princess that’s full of personality!” Some of Xena’s hobbies include playing with other horses and she absolutely LOVES throwing around her Jolly Ball. She also LOVES being outside, even when weather isn’t so great.
When the Turnor family was asked why they choose PetHub to protect their newest family member Maya replied, “We chose PetHub from our very first pet because how much important information we can give to the rescuer as quickly as possible.  We also LOVED the fact that anyone could gain access to the information without having to go find someone with a special scanner. We stuck with PetHub because they continue to add new and innovated ways to keep our four legged babies safe--and for my tech-loving husband that’s pretty important.”



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