Finding Your Lost Pet: Tagging Your Car to Raise Awareness

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If your furry friend has gone missing, and you’ve taken all the usual steps to locate them, only to turn up with nothing, you’re going to have to step up your campaign to let the world know about your missing pet. After you’ve posted flyers regarding your pet, called the local shelters, veterinarians, and animal control authorities, visited the neighbors, and looked around your own property for anywhere they could be hiding, you may feel like you’re completely out of options. However, there are a few additional things you can do.



Each year, tens of thousands of pets run away from home, become displaced, or end up at the local shelter or pound waiting to be rescued. In order to retrieve your lost friend, should the worst happen, you should be prepared for a problem before one occurs. In this case, that means making certain your pet is always up-to-date on their shots, has a collar with identification tags, has been microchipped, and for an additional level of security, is outfitted with a special GPS tracking collar device such as this one from Whistle. The latter is most useful if your furry friend is of the canine variety, as dogs tend to leave the 3-5 mile radius that the typical GPS device covers, and are also more prone to figuring out how to remove the collar if it becomes an irritant.
PetHub uses an innovative form of technology to help anyone who may rescue your pet to get in contact with you. When you join the website, you can order a simple tag for your cat or dog that comes with a unique QR barcode. The QR Code is then linked to your pet’s profile page, which lists a photo and as much information about your pet as you’d like to offer (medical data, personality traits, and as much contact info as you desire). If your cat or dog goes missing, you can then put up an alert on the page, and anyone who rescues your pet is able to type in the accompanying URL on a computer, call the 24/7 Found Pet Hotline, or scan the QR code with a smartphone. That person will be taken to the pets profile to find out how to contact you, allowing you to be reunited with your displaced friend before they end up in the custody of the humane society.
However, if all of these options have produced no results, and you’re starting to despair about ever retrieving your pet, it’s a good idea to get creative with getting the word out. Writing a message on the back of your car window in brightly colored letters lets anyone who drives by or sees your car in the parking lot know to be on the lookout for the animal you describe. While you might be a little skittish about putting your telephone number or e-mail address out there for the whole world to see, it is really necessary for anyone who may have seen or rescued your pet to get in touch with you.
Certain types of dogs can cover an expansive amount of territory, especially when frightened, before realizing that they’ve gotten hopelessly lost. If you have a larger, more aloof type of dog that’s more comfortable hiding out in the woods than going to a stranger’s door, this type of notice can be particularly effective, as you can drive outside of your immediate neighborhood.
When tagging your car, you won’t have a lot of room, but you need to convey a few essential pieces of information. You’ll need to share the breed and coloring of your pet, the area from which the pet went missing, and the approximate day or time you realized they were lost. You’ll also need to put a phone number, preferably your cell, or an e-mail address, so that people are able to get in touch with you if necessary.
In order to tag your car, you’ll need to use markers that stand up to all weather conditions. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be rewriting the same message. You’ll also need something that won’t damage the window of your vehicle.
The best markers on the market for writing messages on your car is the NEOMarker brand, and the only one that stands up to rain and tough road conditions. Although they’re expensive, at around 25 dollars for the set, comparable markers from stores like Walmart, Michaels, and Target simply don’t get the job done. It’s a worthwhile investment in order to find your lost friend.
Most importantly, don’t ever give up hope that you may be reunited with your lost pet, and don’t stop searching. They may be lost, confused, or even in the possession of another person, but with enough determination, there is the possibility of locating them again.