Top 5 Ways to Make Tagging Your Pet a Snap!

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At PetHub, we’re experts on pet  tags. And, we get it sometimes those pet ID tags can be a pain in the neck.
(Get it? Pain in neck?) So PetHub’s Rover Reporter, Penny, has some advice to help make "Tagging" your pet super-duper-easy-peasy.

1) Get rid of the jingle-jangle of multiple tags and clanking on the food bowl with a collar that has a tag built into it.

Embed an ID tag into a collar so it doesn’t dangle down! No more jingling, no more clanking against the food bowl...and no more getting caught on things and tearing off. GENIUS! Of course, our favorite rendition of this is our own Scrufftag Digital Pet ID Collars that DogIDs make for PetHub (I have a purple one!).   

2) Get rid of those flimsy, hard to use split rings and get a tag clip.

Sure, the split rings are super cheap, and they fit just about everything. However, they are a royal pain and they ruin manicures. Our personal favorite is the EZ Change ID Clip from Coastal. It makes taking IDs on and off so easy, but once it’s clipped on, it’s not coming off. Also, it makes switching collars or tags a snap! 

3) Give your pet’s hanging tag a longer (and quieter) life by getting a tag silencer.

There are several options to not only keep your pet’s tags looking nicer longer, but products that will also keep that jingle-jangle to a minimum.
simple silicon slip-on silencer (like the ones made by QuickTag). Also it keeps tags from rubbing up against each other (although  PetHub tags  holds all of your pet's information, so your pet only needs the one tag ). 



4) Go for quality and your pocket book (and your pet) will thank you.

Pets are family and they're worth the investment. Don’t get cheap, flimsy tag that will wear off in just a few’re only going to have to fork over more dough to get me a new one in no time at all! For the same money you’d spend on replacing inexpensive tags all the time, you could invest in a tag that last a lot longer. It’s so important that tags last a long time! Your furry family memebers need that information if  they get lost! If the tag is old and worn and hard to read it's that much harder for  them to get back home safely to you. Tag manufacturers like Red Dingo put a lot of time and effort into engineering tags that last a LONG time..


GO for long-lasting quality with brands like Red Dingo.

5) (and I think most important): Choose a tag that is backed by powerful protection service & support.

Not to toot my own horn, but PetHub Digital ID Tags give pets  3 ways to get home (4 if you have one of our newest NFC tags!). Not only do tags link to a free online profile, but there’s also a 24/7 Call Center number on it and QR code that a nice person with a smartphone can use to see all of your pet's contact numbers and my medical issues. During National Pet ID Week, you should consider getting your furry family member not just any old tag, but a "Powered by PetHub" tag. Not sure? Okay—check out this video. Convinced?