Shakes -- Found -- South Carolina

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Shakes (also known as Mama Baby) got out of her yard in the wee hours of morning, but soon after the sun came up, her PetHub tag and our Customer Support team helped her get back home! Shakes' fur-mom shared her story with us: My Shakes, I call her Mama Baby...went missing one afternoon, she has 3 legs and is 7 yrs old. We also have her 2 puppies living with us. we also have another shelter dog.  All have PET HUB tags! Shakes wasn't found till 2:30 in the morning walking down a very busy 4 lane hwy. A couple was coming home from a movie and saw her, the girl immediately scanned her tag!!!! Its the only one she was wearing. Some how her other one came off!! But the Pet Hub didn't!!! Thank god!! She was about a mile from home.....She is very wary of cars since her leg was amputated.....PetHub got her data, emailed and called!~! then the good Samaritans called. Shakes was brought home safe and sound!! THANKS PET HUB!!!!!