Chewy -- Found (again!) -- Utah

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You may be thinking, wait, didn't I see that this pup was found just a few days ago with the help of his PetHub tag?  Well, you're right...poor little Chewy found a secret escape route out of the yard and went on a second adventure the very next day. However THIS adventure was not nearly as much fun for Mr. Chewy.
Unfortunately, he was hit by a car. Oh, no! Fortunately, the gentleman involved in the accident scanned his PetHub tag and called our 24/7 Found Pet Hotline.  They quickly bridged a call to his guardian, Aaron.  Aaron was able to quickly get Chewy to the animal hospital.
Little Chewy had a broken leg :( but thankfully was alright otherwise.  And some of the BEST news was that because Chewy was a Premium PetHub Subscriber ... his medical bills were covered by his PetHub powered PetFirst HealthCare EmergencyFirst plan (up to $3000, at least :) ).
Chewy's dad was incredibly grateful for PetHub's help:
"Thank you for helping the poor man that hit Chewy notify us quickly. Thanks, too, for checking on the insurance for us. Your service is so appreciated. It's a miracle that Chewy got through this with only a broken leg."
We are so happy that PetHub was here to help...and thrilled Heal soon Chewy!