Arya -- Found -- North Carolina

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We were thrilled to  see this post on our Facebook Fan Page earlier this week:


Arya is one of many pets that has found her way home with PetHub's email notification system.  How pawsome is that?  Her mom, Kayla, wrote us and told us more about funny Arya, her adventure and how she made it home thanks to PetHub:

My puppy Arya is a very precocious and adventurous pup. She will claim she is a seasoned traveler, but I assure you her sense of direction lays at the polar treat, and not north. One day her big sister Polka took off into the woods after god only knows what and she decided to track along on the adventure. After 4 hours of exhaustive searching through miles of woods and tobacco fields with the sun gone, I went into the house to make "Lost Puppy" signs, and I happened to remember that I had recently registered her Pethub QR tag, and thankfully she had it in. In a stroke of genius I checked my e-mail and found out someone had checked the URL/scanned the code a few miles from my house. After hours, I went by Mike Dominguez photography and there Arya was in their living room, safe and sound, playing with his 3 children. Thank you Pethub! Without you I don't think I would have ever found her!

Woohoo!  Welcome home, Arya...and next time, take MOM with you when you want a "walk in the woods!"