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Castle - Found --TWICE - California

Meet Castle! Back in June, she wandered away from home and found herself in a strange neighborhood.  Luckily, a Good Samaritan was able to return her home the next day, thanks to her PetHub tag!  Then, just a few days later, she escaped again and found herself at a local car wash where she had several people help her get reunited with her mom by calling into our 24/7 Found Pet Hotline. When we spoke to Castle's guardian, she told us:

We joke that some day we are going to find Castle's blue-prints to the house--so we can figure out her escape route.  We know she likes to jump over the fence, so we never leave her alone out there.  We are convinced she's got a boyfriend she is sneaking out of the house to see!  We are so thankful her PetHub tag keeps getting her back to us.