Heath, Jonah, and Zorra -- Found -- Wyoming

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Meet Heath, Jonah, and Zorra!  They decided to sneak out and go exploring while their mom was out of town!  Luckily, she found out they went missing when someone scanned Heath's PetHub tag, and the family was reunited!  Here is her story:

"Our three dogs decided to bust out of the fence and go exploring a nearby busy street while I was 125 miles away. Luckily, Heath went to a Good Samaritan and she scanned his tag. His brother, Jonah, and Zorra were not as cooperative. Jonah thinks chase is fun and Zorra is feral, so they didn't go to the wonderful woman who was trying to keep them safe. Luckily, my husband was able to get away from work and they both hopped right into his car. Both boys will be getting neutered in October for their 6 month birthday, so we hope that will minimize any more exploring."

We're happy that everything worked out and everyone got home safely!