Frank -- Found October 2012 -- Oklahoma

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Meet Frank! After moving to his new house, Frank wanted to escape the back yard and meet his neighbors!  Luckily, he was brought home safe and sound thanks to his PetHub tag!  Frank's mom, Chasity, shared her story with us:

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical about this Pet Hub thing, as I found this on a Groupon. However I was so thankful I had this. I recently moved to a house, and Frank has been enjoying the back yard so I let him stay outside while I went back to work for an hour. He is normally in a kennel so this was a treat for him. I went back to work and got a call from my boyfriend asking where Frank was. I told him the back yard.. his response made my heart drop. Frank was missing!! I rushed home, and ran through the neighborhood looking for him. At this point I completely forgot about his tag. My phone vibrated, I looked at this and there was a map and phone number for the person who had frank. He was just around the corner safe and sound. I was sooo thankful for this tag. I tell everyone about Pet Hub. So if you are on the fence about this product at all BUY IT!! ! it is great!! Thank you Pet Hub for helping find Frank!!

We're glad Frank is back home safe!