Titan -- Found -- Oregon

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Meet Titan! Titan snuck out to go play with the neighbors, but he decided to go exploring further before his dad could reel him in.  Dad shared his story with us:

Titan somehow found a way out my backyard and had gone to the neighbors yard probably in search of the neighbors kid who he has played with at one time.  I contacted the neighbors and they confirmed that titan had come over their yard but the gate was open so he had gone out in front street.  I drove around the neighborhood looking for Titan and after about 30 minutes of searching, I decided to go back to the neighbor's street which was a cul-de-sac and decided to approach a couple of women in their garage to inquire about Titan.  Lo and behold they happened to have found him and had already contacted pethub.com about finding Titan. This assured me that even if I had not found Titan the way I did, there was an email with good news from pethub.com. Thank you pethub.com!!!

We're super happy that Titan is home safe!