Grizzlie -- Found -- Texas

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Meet Grizzlie!  This adorable little guy escaped but managed to get home safely thanks to his PetHub tag!  His mom shared her story with us:

My dog usually never gets out, and if he does he usually hangs out in the driveway and waits for me to get home and take him inside. I got the PetHub tag just in case he ever happened to get out and wander off instead of keeping put. I didn't think I'd ever have to use to but the day after I put it on him he happened to run off. I received a email that he had been picked up and was safe and got him back home!Grizzlie When we contacted Grizzlie's mom, she didn't even realize yet that he had gone missing. It is wonderful to help pets get to safety faster than ever with our technology systems. We're so glad Grizzlie got home safe and sound!