Max -- Found -- Texas

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Say hi to Max!  Max loves to run, and unfortunately he sometimes doesn't wait for his family to join him!  His mom, Leslie, shared his story with us:

PetHub Works!!  Unfortunately, having a Germain Shorthair Pointer isn't always a fun thing.  As with most breeds and people, there's a glich.  Max the wonder dog, loves to run.  Whether we're with him or not.  Thank You PetHub for making it easier to find him when he gets out!!!!   It's such a hard time when he gets past us and we have no idea how far and in which direction to look.  Since having PetHub services the process of finding him has become  a lot easier.  Within minutes, instead of hours,  of him getting out of sight, he's been found by his tag.  People find it easy to use with the scanner and we get an instant email of his whereabouts.  I love this feature.  Thanks again for getting Max home, we'd be lost without him!!! ;>Max

Good thing he had his PetHub tag on!  Welcome back home, Max! The PetHub Staff hopes you stay safe & sound at home this holiday season...but we will be here to protect you if you (and your little buddy) decide to go on another adventure.