Aalla - Found - Saskatchewan

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Aalla had quite the adventure during a summer thunderstorm, but her PetHub tag had her safely back home!  Her mom, Brittany, shared Aalla's story with us:

We have just moved back to Saskatchewan from the Yukon and Aalla had little experience with summer thunderstorms.  Each time we would have a storm she would get really nervous and try to get out of the yard,  which is far from her normal behaviour.  Maybe she thought she could outrun the storm, I don’t know :)  On this particular night she scaled a concrete wall from our deck over our shed onto our neighbors shed and down his adjoining stairs and got out of his unfenced yard.  We had no idea until the next morning when I was having my coffee and opened my email to find 2 emails from people in our city that had met Aalla during her “trip”.  We were quite shocked and glad that the PetHub tag worked!  We had a personal message from each person and gps location on a map that showed us where she had made her way too.  One person indicated that at 3 am she had showed up at a house party, they gave her water and she was on her way.  They indicated that she was a very friendly dog.  The second person indicated that she had found Aalla when she arrived at work that morning.  Aalla was on the doorstop of her work.  Turns out Aalla had made her way to the business next door to our son’s daycare.  She is a very smart dog and had been there many times to pick up our son.  The lady left us her phone number and we were able to contact her and pick Aalla up shortly after.  AallaAalla made it home safe and sound thanks to PetHub!  Thanks to wonderful and kind people and the tag we were able to seamlessly track our dog around the city and have a way to communicate with the person that presently had her.  At no time did we have to stress or worry about her :)  The work of finding her was done before we ever knew she was gone!

Welcome home Aalla!