Diesel -- Found -- Arkansas

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Say hello to Diesel!  He managed to dig out from under the fence while Mom was on vacation, but he was found and returned home thanks to his PetHub tag!  Kelly, Diesel's mom, shared her story with us:

I was in Barcelona Spain on vacation. At the first wifi spot I reached, I checked my e-mail and discovered that my Bassett hound had been rescued by a very sweet Samaritan! My parents had been taking care of him but he had dug out of the fence and gotten out on a busy highway.


I was able to text my children the rescuers name and number and get my parents the info to pick up my dog from halfway across the world! Amazing! I will never be without this service! It gave me so much peace of mind that my baby was back home safe and sound!

We're glad you got home safely, Diesel!