Found -- Zoey & Moose

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Meet Zoey and Moose!  They decided to go on an adventure without their parents, but luckily, someone found them and scanned their PetHub tags!  They were quickly returned home.  Their mom, Gina, shared her story with us:
Zoey and Moose both got out of the backyard. Zoey is a Jack Russell and Moose is a big mutt. They do not fear anything even cars. I'm always terrified that Zoey will be hit because she is so little. My husband took his car and started looking for them while I started walking. There were so many places they could have gone. I was so worried.


While I was out looking for them, my phone rang. It was a neighbor we didn't ,know calling to say she had found Zoey! She was able to scan Zoey's tag and gave us a call. I was so very happy! We drove down and picked BOTH dogs up. Both have their PetHub tags on them. If you don't have one for YOUR pet? PLEASE get one!
We're glad everyone made it home safely!  Protect your pet today with a PetHub ID tag.