FOUND -- Bella & Bandit -- Texas

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Bella & Bandit took a little bit of unauthorized leave over the weekend, but the PetHub crew worked with their family to make sure they both made it home safe and sound.  Early Monday morning we got this wonderful email:  


Great news, PetHub!
BELLA and BANDIT have been found are BOTH are now HOME!!! I could not express how relieved my family and me are!! We consider PETHUB a BLESSING and have referred your company to SEVERAL of our friends. Some have already purchased their tags for their pets through PETHUB because of our experience!!



WAY TO GO!! I will always recommend your company and utilize your outstanding service for our pets!!
-The Brumleys, Texas


This is the BEST kind of email to get, in our opinion :D   Protect your pets today with PetHub, because we get lost pets home FAST!