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Tagging Your Car to Help Find Your Lost Pet

Terrific Tips from MissingAnimalResponse


Why Tag Your Car?
Certain types of dogs can cover an expansive amount of territory. If you have a larger, more aloof type of dog that’s more comfortable hiding out in the woods than going to a stranger’s door, this type of notice can be particularly effective, as you can drive outside of your immediate neighborhood.


When tagging your car, you won’t have a lot of room, but you need to convey a few essential pieces of information.
  • the breed and coloring of your pet
  • the area from which the pet went missing
  • the approximate day or time you realized they were lost.
  • Your phone number, preferably your cell, or an e-mail address
In order to tag your car, you’ll need to use markers that stand up to all weather conditions. Otherwise, you’ll constantly be rewriting the same message. You’ll also need something that won’t damage the window of your vehicle. The best markers on the market for writing messages on your car is the NEOMarker brand.
Don’t ever give up hope and don’t stop searching. They may be lost, confused, or even in the possession of another person, but with enough determination, there is the possibility of locating them again