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Understanding Your Cat's Personality to Help Bring Them Home


Cats that are clownish, gregarious, and curious are unafraid to travel larger distances. If you have a cat with this sort of devilish temperament, investing in a GPS tracking device with a radius of 3-5 miles is a good idea, because they are willing to wander from door to door to see what’s going on. The good news is that these types of cats like people, and aren’t afraid to show up meowing at a stranger’s back door. As a result, they are often rescued.
Careless and unobservant cats are the most likely to get into danger.
A cat of this disposition may not notice a threat coming toward them, such as a predator, or may unknowingly run across the street during rush hour. They will initially hide in order to avoid people, but then start wandering. If you have this sort of cat, the sooner you find them, the
The overly cautious, aloof cat is perhaps the most well equipped for survival outdoors, and the easiest for you to locate. This type of cat, even when domesticated, has kept many feline instincts when it comes to running, hunting, hiding, and avoiding predators. As a result, they are highly self-sufficient and unlikely to travel far. If you own this type of cat, make sure they aren’t hiding on your own property, or within a 5-house radius of your home. These cats are the most likely to live life as stray outdoor cats if they can’t find their way home.


The xenophobic cat personality is one that hates anything new and foreign, and is the most likely to view being away from home as a sign of impending doom, rather than an adventure. If someone tries to rescue them, they are likely to fight tooth and nail, and if it comes time to travel, they’re going to move at a snail’s pace. Unfortunately, many of these cats are captured and euthanized as feral cats, so if you have a feline of this temperament, it is incredibly important to tag and microchip them.  



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