Why Digital ID Tags

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One in every three pets will go missing at some point  in their lifetime.

Statistics like these really scare us because we realize  that the likelihood of one of our pets going missing is  quite high. Therefore, in the event of such a likely emergency we want our pets to be prepared not only  with an ID tag but with the best technology possible for getting them back home fast and safe. 
Regular ID  tags ONLY offer a name and phone number—and  we want more comprehensive protection for our furry family members.
Most digital ID tag companies link their physical ID tags to an online profile where you can store multiple phone numbers and email addresses. Best of all, you can login online and change this information anytime! Many companies even offer the ability to store veterinary, licensing and rabies information. This is fantastic if you happen to leave your pet with a sitter or if you travel a lot with your favorite fluffy companion.
According to Pew Internet Research 91% of the U.S. adult population owns a smart phone or tablet. If your pet ever gets lost, any Good Samaritan can scan the ID tag with their smart phone and access your pet’s information. PetHub ID’s even come with a 24/7 lost pet hotline so if the person who finds your pet isn’t very tech savvy—they can still get your pet back home!
Many Digital ID tag companies have even more comprehensive protection services by offering shareable online lost pet posters and by alerting shelters in your area if your pet has gone missing. That’s an added layer of protection in the event that your pet’s collar falls off. Some companies even offer GPS and email notifications to alert you of when and where your pet was scanned.
Want to know which company offers the most comprehensive solution on the market? We don’t want to sound biased but PetHub offers everything mentioned above and our tags are pretty stylish too!