How to Add Pictures

Here are the two most common reasons for picture error:
  • Wrong Type -- our system will accept uploads of the following file types: .gif, .png, .jpg, and .jpeg.  Any other type of file will not work.  Check the file type on your image to see if it is compatible. If necessary, you may need to re-save the picture to a compatible file type.  You can do this directly on your computer by doing a Save As and selecting the right extension, or you can go to an online converter like this one:  Coolutils
  • Too big -- large, hi-res photos may not upload, or may upload but appear upside-down or sideways.  If this happens, resize your image to a smaller resolution, delete the original uploaded picture from you or your pet's profile, and re-upload.
When re-sizing your photo, look at it in terms of pixels rather than inches.  We recommend re-sizing in terms of pixels rather than inches. We suggest that you make the width of your picture no more than 250 to 300 pixels wide.  If you're unsure of how to re-size your photo, you can do so either via your own computer or by using an internet tool. 
Instructions on how to re-size a photo using MS Paint (standard software with any Windows O/S) can be found here:
Some internet resizing tools are listed here:
If you are still having difficulty with your pictures, just contact us and if at all possible include a screenshot.