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Georgia - Cobb County Animal Services

Please confirm your purchase of the Cobb County Animal Services (CCAS) pet license and that your pet has had its latest rabies vaccination.

License Tag

The fee for a 1-year license for CCAS is $10 per household animal. This applies only to cats and dogs. The tag must be placed on your animal's collar and shown to CCAS enforcement officers upon request.

Proof of Rabies Vaccination

Cats and dogs over four months of age that are on the owner's property are not required to wear their rabies tag provided the animal has been properly vaccinated and the veterinarian/caretaker has the rabies tag or proof of vaccination in his possession where it may be shown upon demand of a representative of CCAS. (additional details)

I understand that, if requested, I must immediately provide proof of current rabies vaccination records for this animal
This is a legally binding confirmation that you have selected the correct license for your animal and provided any additional required information (otherwise you risk an invalid license and possible penalties)