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Purchase: Escondido Pet License

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In Escondido, licensing an animal not only helps protect our pets, it helps fund critical animal services to keep our community safe. Thank you for taking this important step of purchasing a pet license.

The form below can be used to purchase a new license or renew an existing license.

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Please enter your first name and last name as it should be associated with your pet's license.
Physical address where the animal is located more than half of the time. (We will ask for billing and mailing information later)
If your pet is lost or stolen and we are able to locate them, what is the best phone number and email address for us to reach you with an alert? (not used for marketing unless you choose to be on our mailing list)

Your Pet's Information

Almost done. Please provide details about the pet for which you are purchasing your Escondido pet license.

Accurate details are important as some of these settings will be un-editable later.
Select your pet's closest "Primary" breed and, if not a pure breed, include any additional mixes. Please also specify if your pet has been "altered" (spayed or neutered?)
Coat color, thickness of its fur, overall animal size and type of tail can be critical when confirming pet identity and proof of ownership.
(under 800 pixels wide - supported formats: PNG, JPG, GIF)
Uploading a clear, close-up photo of your pet goes a long, long way to help us re-unite a lost or stolen animal with its family

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Last but not least, let's secure your account.

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