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(last seen: 09/05/2020)

Missing Cat! Answers To "Bizzy" AKA Bizzy-Brain

Name: Bizzy

Gender: Female

Species: Cat

Breed (primary): American Short Hair

Breed (mixed): other

Weight: 6 lb

Last seen location

The address below is the last known address or cross street of where Bizzy was seen on 09/05/2020

7994 Sunnydell dr, Parma, Michigan 49269 United States

(Date last seen: 09/05/2020)

Physical description / medications / other

Her markings are close to a tuxedo
She has single white hairs throughout her black fur mostly through her back half. She also has a few white hairs on her forehead between her nose and right eye.

She lived outside from birth to 4months as part of a stray's litter , we always set food out for them to eat but she didn't have any real human contact until 4months old . So she is still scared of people outside her family. She is scared of being outside in the daylight but loves the night and would try to get out at night. When outside she reverts back to feral instincts so it is even hard for us to catch her. She meows at us but stays hidden

Contact information

When Bizzy is found, please call the PetHub 24x7 "Found Pet Hotline" at +1 (855) 411-0123 or use any additional contact information provided below.

Phone: (517) 358-0478
Phone: (517) 358-0445

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