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Dogwise Publishing Premium PetHub Perk

Dogwise Publishing Premium Perk

About Dogwise Publishing

Dogwise Publishing was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of to produce and market high quality books on dogs. Over the years Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) has selected several of our books for their highest honor, the Maxwell Award and book industry insiders recognize that Dogwise Publishing titles give readers well-written, sound educational information on dogs....

Save 50% On Puppy eBook


Your new puppy is home, and he's cute, cuddly and fluffy. The perfect pet - or is he?

All puppies bark, bite, go to the bathroom in the wrong places and know just how to get you wound up! This booklet is designed to tell you simply and quickly how to survive those first few weeks. After all, puppies don't come with a manual, do they?

Dogs are part of the family. Like any family, everybody needs to get along. The e-book can help you do that -- without force, making it fun, and with great results. Here are some great choices that will help you smooth out the rough spots and solve common human-dog misunderstandings.

Author: Sarah Whitehead

Publisher: Dogwise Solutions

Page count: 19 pages

Format: electronic (delivered as PDF and EPUB files via email)

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