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lost pet recovery

What Animal Control Officers Wished You Knew

The summer marks a three month window where homegrown fireworks displays could happen at any moment. While an annoyance for some, the loud noises can be terrifying for pets, triggering their fight or flight response. That, combined with warmer weather, open windows, and visitors who don’t always fully shut doors upon their arrival, could lead to a pet finding their way outside of the safety of your home.

Cómo los animales callejeros de la Ciudad de México me inspiraron a ser veterinaria

Spanish Version of "How Stray Dogs in Mexico City Inspired Me to Become a Veterinarian". PetHub summer intern, Isamar Sanchez, shares the story that led her to becoming a veterinary student in the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy program. From growing up in Mexico City to studying at Texas A&M, Isamar's passion for animals is infectious.


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