FOUND--Holly (Arizona)

Holly’s story is particularly scary because she got lost so close to home! When asked to tell re-call the details of the event her dog mom had this to say:
"Holly got out of yard because that day the city was taking down part of our pasture fence for construction. She was with me in barn and it took about five minutes before I noticed she was gone and started looking. I had just gotten into the car and had pulled out of driveway when I got call from PetHub.
A Good Samaritan had been driving by and picked her up--basically in front of our house with no way to know where she came from. She didn’t have any form of identification on her other than her PetHub tag and I am so glad she had it!
It’s hard to believe I almost lost her when she just across the street. Thanks to PetHub, I had her back in few minutes. Thank you guys!"
Remeber to protect your pets with the same ID tags that helped Holly get home so quickly


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