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PetHub'er Rescue Love


PetHub is celebrating #AnimalShelterAppreciationWeek and recognizing the shelters that provide care to the millions of abandoned and stray animals. National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is observed every year during the first week of November. Even though dogs and cats are beloved pets in the United States, pet homelessness continues to be a probem throughout the country.

Approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter US shelters every year. Approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted every year. Only 11% of animals who enter shelters are returned to their owners.

A Whole New Vision For Animal Shelters

We recently had the opportunity to talk with three organizations who are part of a new movement in the animals welfare world. Human Animal Support Services is an international coalition of animal welfare leaders and organizations, coming together to transform the role animal shelters and animal control agencies play in supporting animals and people in their community.

Learn more about the changes happening in animal shelters by reading our blog post or listening to our latest episode of Pet Lover Geek, PetHub's very own podcast (available on all of the major podcast apps)!

PetHub'er Rescues

We asked PetHub'ers to share photos of their rescued animals and give a shout out to their local animal shelter or rescue. Check out the photo below to celebrate these fur balls (you can even give a "thumbs up" on your favorite photos)!