PetHub Found Pet Stories

Found: Tloup


Meet TLOUP. After escaping the yard, TLOUP's guardian contacted PetHub for help.  Unfortunately, he had got out without his collar &...

Found: Titan


Meet Titan! Titan snuck out to go play with the neighbors, but he decided to go exploring further before his dad could reel him in.  Dad...

Found: Shakes


Shakes (also known as Mama Baby) got out of her yard in the wee hours of morning, but soon after the sun came up, her PetHub tag and our Customer...

Found: Kodiak


Meet Kodiak, a gorgeous husky, who found his way home thanks to the PetHub call center and a very helpful Good Samaritan.

Found: Hub


Hub flew the coop and his parents were very worried!  Thanks to PetHub, he got home safely a few days later!

Found: Dexter


This is Dexter! Dexter flew the coop but was quickly returned to his family thanks to his PetHub tag.

Found: Cooper


Meet Copper!  What a cutie! And this adorable little guy found his way home with the help of our terrific support staff!  

Found: Cooper


Meet Cooper, a sweet chocolate lab from Seattle.  Cooper was reunited with his family after just a few hours thanks to PetHub's 24/7 call

Found: Cookie


Cookie's mom Laura, was so happy that PetHub protection helped her pup find his way back to his family, she wrote us and told us about it:


You may be thinking, wait, didn't I see that this pup was found just a few days ago with the help of his PetHub tag?  Well, you're...

Found: Chewy


Chewy chased one of his squeaky toys a little too far, but a Good Samaritan and his PetHub tag got him home safely almost immediately!

Found: Charlie


Meet Charlie, who went for a walk near the beach, but was reunited with his family in a few short hours thanks to our PetHub Call Center and...