Podcasts about pet owners and their pets

Having the right gear can help keep your dog safe!


Dive into all of the best tips for finding the best collars, leashes and harnesses for your pup. Lean how to keep your pup safe at home and on walks.

Benefits of Using Veterinary Telehealth


What IS telehealth for pets? When should you use it? How does it work? How can it help you save time and money? Lean all this and more.

Pandemics Change Everything, Including Pet Health Care


The pandemic changed veterinary medicine. What pet parents can expect in the evolving world of veterinary care and technology. 

How Vetster Is Innovating Pet Health


Telehealth is a new and exciting innovation in veterinary care, and there are many different types available. Learn about Vetster and what it has to offer.

The Science of Canine Nutrition


Choosing the "right" food for your dog can be confusing. Learn the science of dog nutrition, and what to look for when buying your pet's food.

Common Pitfalls of Early Stage Dog Training


A professional dog trainer shares  tips on commons puppy training questions and habits to stop early.

Proven Methods to Help Dogs Learn


You’ve probably seen some famous dog trainers on mainstream TV or social media, but are they really using scientifically proven methods?  

How to Achieve Harmony in the Household


Do you pay attention to how your dog is feeling? Probably. Do your KIDS pay attention? Likely not...and that can lead to chaos and potential big issues. 

Pet CBD 101: Benefits, Bogus Claims, Legality & More


CBD pet products are booming as marijuana is becoming more legalized for medical use with humans. But is CBD safe for pets? Does it really work? 

There IS Help for Heartbreaking Symptoms of Anxiety


From vacuum cleaners to thunderstorms, your furry friend has lots that can unsettle them. Learn about pet anxiety and how to help alleviate it!

Visual Stimuli Can Positively Impact Behavior


Video content can effectively stimulate and even comfort your dog’s brain. DogTV's scientifically-backed programming can help reduce stress in dogs.

Solving The Mysteries of Cats with DNA


Did you know that a cat's DNA holds many of the mysteries about their personalities, behaviors, and overall health? Basepaws has the answers.