Podcasts about pet owners and their pets

Save your furniture and your cat's sanity.


Turn meal time into a hunt. Build a Kitty World theme park. Release your catto's inner parkour artist. Expert advice on PURRfect boredom busters.

Chew toys and squeakers and balls, oh my!


Should puppies play with adult dog toys? (NO) Is there a difference between a squeaker toy and a chew toy? (YES) Can you save your shoes? (MAYBE)

Are there better chews than Pawstruck? Gnaw.


PetHub staff pups LUV Pawstruck. Not only are Pawstruck chews are ethically sourced and healthy, they also provide hours of boredom busting gnawing.

Having the right gear can help keep your dog safe!


Dive into all of the best tips for finding the best collars, leashes and harnesses for your pup. Lean how to keep your pup safe at home and on walks.

Visual Stimuli Can Positively Impact Behavior


Video content can effectively stimulate and even comfort your dog’s brain. DogTV's scientifically-backed programming can help reduce stress in dogs.

There IS Help for Heartbreaking Symptoms of Anxiety


From vacuum cleaners to thunderstorms, your furry friend has lots that can unsettle them. Learn about pet anxiety and how to help alleviate it!

Lorien chats with Heather Beck, the owner and founder of Heather's Heroes


Not all leashes, collars and harnesses are the same. Learn how a newly designed leash and harness can help make "walkies" better.

Secrets of Body Language to Keep Dogs Safe


Learn about the secrets to understanding your dog’s behavior so that you can help keep them safe and happy, and prevent them from getting lost.


Common Pitfalls of Early Stage Dog Training


A professional dog trainer shares  tips on commons puppy training questions and habits to stop early.

How to Achieve Harmony in the Household


Do you pay attention to how your dog is feeling? Probably. Do your KIDS pay attention? Likely not...and that can lead to chaos and potential big issues. 

Proven Methods to Help Dogs Learn


You’ve probably seen some famous dog trainers on mainstream TV or social media, but are they really using scientifically proven methods?  

Seriously. Listen to this for your pet NOW.


No one believes their pet will ever leave their side, but the fact of the matter is...a lost pet can happen to anyone. 3 tools can help find them FAST.