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Essential Oils: What Pet Parents Should Know


Dogs have 40 times more scent receptors than humans. Because their world revolves around scent, aromatherapy is ideal for use with dogs.

Looking for ways to help your dog or cat relax?


If your furry friend suffers from separation anxiety, noise fear, or simply feels anxious, we have just the solution: hand-picked calming products.

Common Causes & Steps to Ease Different Anxieties


Dogs may be anxious for wide variety different reasons, and there are several types of anxiety, each with different triggers and specific treatments.

Common Body Language and Behavior Signs


Being able to recognize when your dog is anxious, and the cause, is the key to determining how to calm a nervous dog, and developing a strategy to help.

Be prepared to use telehealth with helpful tips


Learn how to be best prepared for a telehealth visit for your pet by understanding what to expect from a veterinarian who provides telehealth services for pet parents.

PetHub Digital ID Tags for Ultimate Peace of Mind


Say goodbye to old-fashioned metal ID tags. Say hello to PetHub - the ultimate digital pet ID tag to help keep your fur kid safe and sound.

Make this year the PAW-somenest!


Up your pet parent game. Following this 6 step guide will ensure you get all the help you need to keep you fur kids happy, safe and HOME.

First Aid knowledge can make a world of difference


Illness and/or injury sometimes add to the problems faced by pets when they are lost. Do you know how to help if you are the kind soul that finds them?

HUMAN Turkey Day Feast = Fur Kid Tummy Trouble


The best way to ensure that your dog will stay safe while enjoying the Thanksgiving festivities is to make them their own yummy Thanksgiving feast!

Natural disasters are rude and arrive "unannounced"


Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Fires. Floods. Landslides. Hurricanes that take unexpected turns. Are you and your pet prepared for a worst case scenario?

What happens to your pet when you are gone?


Have you planned who care for your pets if you have a major illness or worse? Unexpected things happen. Planning ahead for your pet's care is critical.

Aren't all dog toys good for puppies? Nope.


PetHub's team is puppy obsessed and experienced. They've  explored the world of puppy toys and have selected some of their absolute favorites.