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Ready to get started?  Here's how!

We have two types of plans:
  • Individual - where you have only one pet in your household to protect
  • Family - if you have 3 or more pets to protect (at substantial savings)

Have 3 or more pets? Get a Family Plan!

If you have 3 or more pets in your household that you'd like to protect, you can subscribe to our family plan for only $69 per year. Every pet in your household is upgraded to a Premium subscription level at the click of a button.

>> Get the Family Plan

Have only 1 or 2 pets to protect?

To subscribe one, individual pet:
1) Goto your Home Page or Create a New Account

2) Add a new profile (or refer to your pet's existing profile)

3) Click the "Upgrade Service Level" link under your pet's profile and select the plan that works best for you

Subscription Per Pet
Monthly $4 / month
Annual $24 / year
Lifetime $149 one time

Basic Account

The basic service is free (and always will be) and works with all of our tags. Or, you can upgrade your pet's account to Premium and get the additional benefits shown above.
That's it! Welcome to the PetHub Pack!
-The PetHub Team