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PetHub created Lost Pet Prevention Month in July 2014 to give pet parents focused & in-depth resources, tools and strategies for preventing a lost pet, as well as advice for getting them home quickly if they go missing.
"July is the perfect month to highlight this issue," said Lorien Clemens, PetHub's VP of Marketing & Operations. "July 5th is historically the busiest day in shelters due to pets going missing because of fear of fireworks and large celebrations on the Fourth of July. Plus summer travel is in full swing – potential lost pet situations exponentially increase during the summer months."
According to the National Council of Pet Population Study & Policy and the National Humane Society, a family pet is lost every two seconds in North America. The organizations also report that more than 10 million pets are lost each year and one out of three pets will be lost during its lifetime. However, only one in 10 pets is ever found and even less are ever returned home to their owners.
These statistics are daunting, so PetHub started a national conversation and educational campaign to increase awareness of the lost, stolen and/or missing pet epidemic. Help us spread the word by sharing these important resources with your friends, family and on social media. 





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About PetHub

PetHub is passionate about helping lost pets get home as soon as possible. Ideally, they won't even get out of your neighborhood and make it to a shelter or rescue. That's why PetHub created a digital ID tag in the first place. Old, one-name-and-phone-number engraved tags don't cut it in this day and age. Modern pets need protection that uses modern technology to help them get home faster. To learn more about what we do go HERE!