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Why is pet insurance suPAW important?

Because you can always expect the unexpected to happen.

There are a lot of uncertainties when it comes to our pet’s lives. For most of us, pets are a huge part of our families - we would do anything for them. Pet insurance gives peace of mind for your pet’s health and helps protect you from costly veterinarian bills that tend to add up quickly.

There is no way to anticipate what will happen, but pet insurance helps you be prepared for nearly anything.

What is pet health insurance?

Pet insurance reimburses you on your dog or cat's eligible veterinary bills. It can help provide peace of mind to pet parents by offering plans that can be customized to your pet and your budget.  Each policy is different, but usually includes a monthly premium, based on information about your pet and can include deductibles and specific reimbursement processes.

Because each insurance company and policy is different, make sure to read the policies completely to make the right decision for your pet’s needs.

Pet health insurance coverage

There are three common types of coverages for your furry friends:

  1. Accident and illness - Covers injuries, in addition to any illnesses that may occur.
  2. Accident only - Covers accidents that may happen to your pet.
  3. Wellness Plans - Covers preventative care costs which include annual checkups, routine vaccinations, and more.

Health insurance coverage is available on different levels and prices and often customizable to fit the needs of your pets.

Most policies exclude pre-existing conditions, so we recommend getting insurance while your furry friend is young and healthy.