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Pet Industry Partners are Celebrating National Lost Pet Prevention Throughout July

PetHub started Lost Pet Prevention Month in 2014 to drive a deeper conversation around the many aspects of keeping pets safe at home with their families. Just 17.4% of lost dogs and 2.8% of lost cats in shelters are returned to their owners (Shelter Animals Count). Luckily, there are many strategies a pet parent can take to prevent their pet from getting lost and entering a shelter. 

This year, PetHub along with other industry partners are working together to educate pet parents and promote best practices for lost pet prevention and recovery. Tune into social media channels, partner websites and this page for in-depth resources and tools for preventing a pet from going missing, as well as advice for getting them home quickly if they do go AWOL (Absent WithOut a Leash).


Back To The Basics

As many of us have seen, the current pandemic has revealed that some of the most basic fundamentals of lost pet prevention have been forgotten in the complacency of “normal” life. From collars and ID tags to why you should license your animal, we’re connecting you and other pet parents with industry experts, the hottest pet products, and other tips to help keep their pets safe at home.


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Frequently Asked Questions

PetHub started LPPM in 2014 to drive a deeper conversation around the many aspects of keeping pets safe at home with their families. Throughout the month pet industry partners join together to discuss all things involving lost pet prevention and recovery. Pet parents will have the opportunity to hear from industry experts, learn new tips and strategies, and connect with other pet parents around the United States.
While there is no way to ensure your pet will never become lost, there are several ways you can reduce the chances of it happening and make it easier to get your pet home if it does happen. Here at PetHub we stress the importance of multiple identification methods, including: external ID tag, microchip, pet license, and additional tools like travel crate tags and wallet cards.
Take a peek at all of our resources on this page - it’s a great place to start. Together with our partners, we have collected a variety of strategies, tips and information to help pet parents with lost pet prevention and recovery. Topics include: behavior, environment, traveling with pets, and more!
Connect with PetHub and all of the LPPM partners on social media -- we are constantly sharing more resources (even when it isn’t LPPM)!
The potential for pets to go missing spikes in July and August because pets are outside more and travel plans are in full swing. In fact, a survey in 2015 found that Animal Control Services see a 30% increase in lost pets July 4-6, and only 14% of lost pets are returned to their owners.