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The 5 things you should know about

1) Your Account is Free

Your free account allows you to add unlimited Pet Profiles where you can store your pets' important information, including license & rabies tag numbers, microchip number, vaccination records, emergency contacts and much, much more. This is part of our free "Basic" service. (See more about our Premium service below) JOIN TODAY!


2) What "Powered by PetHub" means

PetHub and its partners manufacture ID tags and wallet cards encoded to work with These tags and cards can then be "linked" to your pet's profile.  Why this is cool: you can link as many tags, collars and wallet cards as you want to your pet's profile. If you make changes to his or her profile, all of those IDs point to that updated information. (Visit our shop)


3) Privacy is Important

Your data is your data. PetHub does not sell your data and we will delete anything and everything at anytime you want. Our goal is to help you safely and securely share your data with people trying to help your pet. In fact, if you put your emergency contacts on your account, you can hide them on your pet's profile so they don't appear when the tag is scanned, but our 24x7 call center can see them and will connect or "bridge" a phone call from someone rescuing your pet to someone on your call list. You will also notice that at all times your data is encrypted when being accessed by you or by someone scanning your pet's ID tag (that's that little padlock thingy in your browser bar, showing your connection is encrypted). (View our privacy policy)


4) Our 24x7 Call Center

We don't charge for our 24x7 call center. It's staffed by real humans, 24-hours a day, here in the United States. Subscribers to our Premium service help fund the call center for those unable to afford it. If you can afford less than $3/month, please consider upgrading to our Premium service.


5) PetHub "Premium"

PetHub offers additional Premium features including GPS alerts, real-time notifications of when your pet's ID is scanned, partner discounts, and access to our database of over 13,000 shelters in North America allowing you to send an "Amber Alert" type of notice to shelters within a 50-mile radius of where your missing pet was last seen. People subscribing to our Premium plan help us fund the free, Basic account. So, if you can afford it, please upgrade. Click here to see our pricing.


Have more questions for us? Please don't hesitate to contact us.