Smart QR Code ID Tags for Licenses, Rabies Tags, and Every Day Pet IDs

PetHub invented and filed patents on QR code pet ID tags in 2010 (CNET Article). Soon after, those tags were being used as pet licenses and rabies ID tags. PetHub was a bit ahead of the curve, however, as people were still warming up to the idea of Smartphones and also understanding the concept of "scanning" an ID tag, but it has finally taken hold with many other companies attempting to copy PetHub's invention.

In 2011, PetHub filed patents on sharing GPS data back to the pet owner based on the mobile device used to scan the tag.

In 2012, PetHub filed patents on the NFC "tap tag" where a radio frequency ID (RFID) chip is embedded within the tag. This allowed people to simply touch or tap the phone to the ID tag to read the URL (web address) that would take the phone's browser to the pet's free online profile. The product was launched in 2013 with an early intro video that can be found here:

PetHub has continued to innovate and has captured nearly 20% of the ID tag space in the United States with its original and innovative smart digital pet ID tags used for everyday tags, pet license tags and rabies tags used throughout the world.