10 Tips for Dog Bite Safety

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Dogs only have so many ways for communicating. Unfortunately when dogs run out of ways to tell you that something is wrong, they might resort to biting. Make sure to keep these things in mind to protect yourself, the dog, and those around you.


  1. Always ASK the owner if it’s OK before petting a dog
  2. Teach children that it’s NEVER ok to tease pets
  3. Work with socializing your puppy from an early age
  4. Know your dog. If you have a dog who is prone to aggressive behavior, don’t put him situations where he might lash out
  5. Teach children how to approach animals and that it’s never OK to sneak up on dogs
  6. If you have house guests, make sure they know about your pets and their behavior before they come over
  7. Be mindful of elderly dogs that can’t see or hear. Dogs like this might bite because they are startled more easily.
  8. Teach children to never approach an unfamiliar dog and to call an adult if they see a stray dog that might need help.
  9. Make sure your dog is healthy. Pets in pain are more likely to show aggression. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date.
  10. Never leave children alone with new or unfamiliar animals.