10 Tips For Safe Pet Costumes

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1. Does your dog like dressing up?

Some dogs LOVE wearing sweaters and playing dress up—While some dogs HATE it! If they hate wearing outfits then don’t force them. Being forced to wear unwanted clothing will only cause stress and anxiety. You should NEVER make your dog wear something that they don’t like unless it’s for health or safety purposes (such as a cone or collar).


2. Be aware of choking hazards.

A lot of costumes have buttons and other small parts that can too easily be swallowed. Make sure your pet’s costume is free from any of these hazards.


3. Never leave them alone in a costume.

It’s never safe to leave your pet alone in costume. There are too many ways they could possibly get hurt or become stuck.


4. Customs aren’t always a good idea for senior dogs and puppies.

If your senior dog has arthritis, trying to get them into a costume can be painful. Puppies often lack the coordination skills to move properly in a costume.

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5. Make sure they can move freely.

Never put your pet in a costume that restricts their movement, this can be dangerous.


6. Never put anything on them that could restrict their breathing.

Make sure that their nose and mouth is never covered. Also, double check that the costume isn’t too tight.

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7. Watch their body language and look for any signs of stress.

Dressing up can really stress out some pets. Playing dress up isn’t worth upsetting your pet.


8. They don’t have to wear the whole costumes.

Maybe they really like the cape and bow tie you put on them—but they hate the hat. If there’s a part of the costume they don’t like, it’s ok if they don’t wear it.


9. Keep it lightweight.

Make sure whatever their wearing is breathable and doesn’t weigh them down.

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10. Make sure that they can see and hear.

Hats can be cute but don’t ever restrict their senses.

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