5 Common Scenarios of Lost Cats

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At PetHub we are committed to keeping every family's pets safe, happy and HOME for the rest of their lives. And it's no secret that cats can be the ulmitae escape artists. Here's how they do it and what YOU can do about it!
1) The most common scenario, while (believe it or not), is  the cat getting trapped in a tree, on a rooftop, or somewhere else they do not feel safe escaping on their own. This is dangerous, especially in the summer months, because your cat needs water and food. If stranded waiting for help for too long, it can become a life-threatening emergency. 
White cat stuck on power poll

2) Most lost cats stay within a five-house radius of where their owners live. Even outdoor cats tend to stake their territory as a single city block. If you live in the city or the suburbs, and you can’t find your cat, check with the neighbors on your block. . Or invest in getting a pet monitor like this one from Whistle to help keep track of your cat at all times. And be sure that your cat has a collar with an ID tag.
3) If a feline is injured, it is often the natural instinct for them to hide somewhere secluded. One of the most important reasons to be concerned if your cat goes missing is that getting them the prompt medical attention that may save their life. In the event the cat is injured, they are usually on your property, or somewhere on a neighbor’s property, well hidden from people and other animals alike.
Cat being pet outside on public bench
4) Unfortunate things can happen to even the most street-smart felines. If you live in a more rural or suburban area, it’s more likely that your cat may meet up with a predator, such as a coyote, and could be killed as a result. Around Halloween, many cats go missing, particularly black cats, because they are kidnapped or killed by humans. 
5) Every once in awhile, cats will either intentionally or unintentionally be taken on a ride out of the area. Intentional instances are situations where someone has stolen your cat*. Unintentional instances usually occur when a cat finds a safe place to hide, but it is in a vehicle or a box that’s being transported. Once you’ve found your cat they may be stressed and frazzled especially if they are hungry or hurt. Try using a calming aid like one of these from Chewy to help calm and comfort your fur kid.

Striped cat running outside with tail held high
One of the best way we can protect our cats is buy getting them a ID tag like PetHub's Digital ID Tag that has functionality a head above the rest and brings pets home in less 24 hours 96% of the time!