6 Benefits of Adopting an Older Cat

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At PetHub we are all about supporting all animals in need. There are countless things that get better with age, and your furry feline companion is one of them. Here's 6 benefits of adopting an older cat:

1. Never forget that although kittens are cute and cuddly-- they are a never-ending bundle of energy.


2. For a single person living in an apartment or condominium, a retired couple, or a household without children or other pets, an older cat can be the perfect companion.

Image Source: Ashley Gill/ OJO Images/ Getty Image


3. Older female cats are litter box trained, spayed, and happier to stay inside on the couch than to go outdoors.  Check out litter from Tuff and Paw as well as KittySift.


4. If you live in a larger space and with children, it may be a better to adopt a young and energetic adult cat, rather than a kitten. While kittens are undeniably adorable, children have a tendency to play rough and, just like the kitten, have relatively short attention spans.


5. Senior citizens are often wonderful pet parents to older cats, especially if both the cat and the pet parent are around the same age and stage of life.  For both the cat and the owner, it can be the perfect partnership that lasts the rest of their life.




6. In many cases, older cats that were raised in homes that had multiple pets, particularly other cats, will feel sad and depressed at the loss of companionship.  If your home already includes an older cat, or even a young adult cat, it’s a good time to consider adopting an older cat  because it’s more likely to adapt well to the situation.