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Cold Weather Safety Infographic

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At PetHub, we’re committed to keeping your pets safe every day of the year. It seems that every season brings new dangers for pets. Winter is one of the worst. Probably the biggest hazard of winter is the darkness due to shorter daylight hours

This means that many pet owners are walking their dogs in the darkness of early morning or evening. Reduced light makes it more challenging for drivers to see animals (and people) in driveways, sidewalks, and roads. If you walk your pet during non-daylight hours, make sure they are wearing something reflective or with lights on it and keep them close to you. The other most common winter hazards for your pet is the de-icer used to keep sidewalks clear. Common de-icer can burn your pet's foot pads and skin. They can also be poisonous if your pet licks it off of their feet. Paw balms that create wax barriers, and booties, will help keep your pet's feet clean of de-icers when you go for a walk. If you need to use de-icer around your home, look for pet-friendly versions that are non-toxic. Check out these other cold weather safety tips to keep your pet safe during the cold weather.

an infographic with mouser and wags sharing cold weather safety tips

Wear a Coat or Sweater

Even with a built-in fur coat, it’s still chilly out there! Pay attention to the material and the fit when choosing a coat.

Clean Up Antifreeze

Antifreeze tastes sweet but is a fatal poison. Look into antifreeze made with propylene glycol.

Stay Hydrated

Keep the water in your pet’s bowl fresh, full, and never frozen.

Don't Overfeed

Many people believe that they should feed their pets more in the winter. Overfeeding your pet can lead to health problems. Resist your pet’s adorable eyes.

Protect Your Pet's Paws

Paw booties like these are a great way to protect your pet’s paws against the harsh winter weather.

Beware of Ice

Slipping on ice can lead to injury. You can never be sure if a patch of ice can hold your pet’s weight.

Keep Your Pet's IDs Up To Date

External ID tags, such as those by PetHub, can help bring your pet home quickly if they get lost.