Considerations when Bringing a New Pet Home

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The team at Eusoh have written a guest article for us for Lost Pet Prevention Month. The views and recommendations made are those of the guest contributers.

One of the missions of the Eusoh community is affordable care for all pets but a huge part of that is keeping them safe. We believe one of the most important aspects of pet parenting is preparing and preventing the worst possible scenarios.

And one of those worst possible scenarios is losing a pet. Obviously, when you introduce a new pet into your home, you must prepare your home as well as your finances for the “what if” moments that are bound to happen. Here are some of the things you must do to avoid regret.

  1. Getting pet identification. It’s never too early nor too late to get identification for your furry best friend. And when it comes to pet identification, companies like PetHub have developed IDs and platforms for the current smartphone generation.

    We shouldn’t think of pet identification as just a “chip” or some sort of tracking device to ensure the location of our pets. It’s more than that, pet ID tags can consolidate and store pet health records; And these pet records can be accessed by a veterinarian or a technician when scanned. In addition, pet identification apps can alert pet parents in real-time of the location of their pets.

  2. Getting pet care coverage. Pets are just like us. They eat, sleep, play, and they also get into accidents and get sick. And with veterinary prices for services and medications rising, pet insurance and alternatives are there to help with costs.

    The most important thing to learn about pet insurance and alternatives to it is that it exists to help with costs in the future. Unfortunately, some pet parents only think about insurance products when something happens or when an affliction has already been diagnosed. This is why it’s important to get coverage once you bring a pet home. Check out the PetHub insurance comparison tool here.

  3. Keeping records. In regard to pet insurance and alternatives, having pet records is important. Pre-existing conditions can determine acceptance to a pet insurance policy. Thus, having veterinary records is important because pet parents need to know the health history before they adopt or bring a new pet home. PetHub can hold veterinary records, immunization records, and license information in its online portal for Pet Parents to access whenever it is needed.

  4. Create a comfortable home environment. Acclimating a pet to a new home can be stressful to both the pet owner and their furry friend. And some pets coming from rescues and shelters, may bring their traumas into their new homes. Thus, it’s important to shield your pets from extreme sensory situations that may overstimulate their hearing, breathing, smelling, and taste.

    Take notice of your pet’s behavior when acclimating them to a new home. They may shut themselves off from everyone and they may refuse to eat for a period of time. Just know these behaviors are due to stress. Be patient and in time, your furry new friend will realize that your loving home is their forever home.

Part of being a pet parent is preparation for the “what if” moments. PetHub is there for the worst possible scenarios of losing a pet, but they developed a pet ID and online platform that is an all-in-one ID and record keeping "hub." And Eusoh is here as an insurance alternative to help with the “what if” moments that will happen in the future. By having the assurance of loss prevention and financial protection from the worst-case scenarios, you can now set yourself for adventures and moments with your furry best friends


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