Evolution of ID Tags & Lost Pet Prevention Timeline

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evolution of id tags and lost pet prevention timeline infographic

Long, long ago - like 15k - 30k years ago

Dogs and humans start hangin' together


Shakespeare's dog makes collars fashionable.*


Dog tags make their debut in the Civil War.


Alexander Graham Bell puts his number on his pup's tag.*


Sherlock Holmes's makes the first lost dog poster for his dog Watson.*


The first microchips began to be used in the United States.

2012 - 2014

PetHub reimagines pet id tags

  • QR code and NFC
  • Online profile
  • Unlimited data
  • 24/7 found pet hotline
  • Community and shelter "amber alert"
  • Tag scan notifications with GPS mapping

*Wags and Mouser traveled in time but can't confirm this information as fact since the future is never set.