FOUND- Minerva

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Meet Minerva! She managed to sneak out when no one was looking to go visit the neighbors, but got home quickly thanks to her PetHub tag! Her mom, Taylor, shared her story with us:
"My kitty got out when I was taking out the trash - snuck out right under my stuffy nose (been fighting the flu for over a week). I had just started to worry when I got a call, and an email (simultaneously) letting me know she'd been found. She was only two parking lots over in our apartment complex (I probably could have seen her if I squinted) which was a relief. But a nice, young kid gave me a call, walked her over (with no scratches, that was impressive), and we were set. I'm glad it was simple and easy to get her home."
Thanks for the story, we're glade you could get your kitty home safely!