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Infographic of What You Need To Create a Lost Pet Tool Kit

No one plans to lose their pet but it's better to prepare in case a pet does go missing. The infographic below highlights everything you should have on hand in case your pet goes missing. Remember, if you have these things on hand, the less time you will spend gathering the materials and the more time you can put into your search for your missing pet.


lost pet tool kit infographic


Portable Cell Phone Charger

Contact List of People Who Can Search

Create a Lost Pet Flyer Template on Your Computer

Copies of Current Photos of Your Pet

Paper to Print Flyers

Plastic Sleeves for Flyers

Clear Tape & Tacks

Staple Gun with Extra Staples

Highlighters, Markers, & Pens

4 Neon Poster Boards

Clip Board with Paper

Car Paint & Markers

Copies of Maps of Your Neighborhood

Pet Owner's Used Clothing in a Plastic Bag

Wet Smelly Food Treats

Whistle, Bell, or Clicker

Spare Collar & Harness or Leash

Powerful Flashlight with Long Lasting Batteries

First Aid Kits for Pets & Humans

Bug Spray & Sunscreen

Water Bottles & Dried Food For the Searchers