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Keeping a Found Pet Kit

Some people seem to be MAGNETS for lost pets (I seem to find them ALL the time). So I’ve got a little “Found Pet Kit” in the back of my car that often come in handy -- and honestly -- most of this is what I keep in the car anyway because I need it to be prepared to deal with an emergency with my own furry family members:
A card with the phone numbers of local animal control, the local shelter (or humane society) and a 24-hour emergency vet clinic
A few collars (different sizes) and strong leashes
 Heavy blanket & a towel (it always seems to be raining  when I find a lost dog!)
Travel food/water bowls with jug of water & easy-open dog/cat food (tuna and liver are the best because their strong smell is more likely to attract even a scared dog or cat)
Bag of freeze dried salmon treats -- we call this “Kitty Crack” (dogs feel the same way) and often a crinkly bag like this one will be a trigger for “yummy good stuff in here” for furry kiddos
Animal first aid kit (you can get a great one here -- pretty much what you need for any situation)
In my head...I know the laws of my county -- which means here, I’m supposed to contact animal control BEFORE I contact the pet’s owner (assuming the pet has a current ID tag) -- knowing these laws ahead of time can keep you from unknowingly getting in trouble later -- so check your local laws.