Making An Emergency Kit For Your Pet

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emergency kit infographic

First Aid Kit For Pets & Humans

Simple Guide to First Aid For Your Pet

Tip: Download a pet first aid guide app from American Red Cross for free. Available for Android and IOS.

Pet's Medical Records

Copies of Current Photos of Your Pet

Several Pairs of Gloves

Blankets For Humans & Pets

Powerful Flashlight with Long Lasting Batteries

Tip: It also doesn't hurt to have extra batteries on hand.

PetHub® Crate Card™

Updated Tag

Tip: Consider investing in a PetHub® QR Digital Pet ID Tag™ as it can allow you to update your pet’s information any time and anywhere.

Extra Collars & Harnesses or Leashes

Extra Dishes For Food & Water

Canned Food & Can Opener

Plastic Spoons & Forks

Tip: The spoons and forks can help you scoop out food from the can.

Water Bottles

Poop Bags & Newspapers

Small Bag of Litter & a Litter Box

Pet Insurance

Have a List of Shelters Who Can Temporarily Care For Your Pet

Tip: Being prepared with shelters in mind can keep your pet safe if you’re temporarily unable to care for your pet.

Tip: Consider adding some of your emergency pet supplies in a grab-n-go emergency pack.